PERSATUAN PEKERJA PROFESIONAL FILEM MALAYSIA (PROFIMA) previously  known as Persatuan Pekerja Filem Malaysia (PPFM) was incorporated in 1993. PPFM has been rebranded to PROFIMA since 2009 and is headed by Kapten Khir Mohd Noor (K) as the President. Till date (2015), PROFIMA has 14,363 registered members. Its active members are 2,178.

PROFIMA offers 101 professional job positions for crew to register as members.  PROFIMA’s members are of various qualification backgrounds, from PMR to PHD and experiences from TV productions to films etc.

Some of the professional job positions for members are Line Producer, Director of Photography, Cameraman, Production Designer, Art Director, Production Manager, Stuntman, Sound Engineer, Animator and many more.

The objectives of PROFIMA are to look after its members’ welfare and be responsible in monitoring the treatment of the crew by their employers.

PROFIMA has assisted in providing various skilled crew through in-house and external local/international seminars, workshops and short courses. Of which, some has acclaimed international prestige.

PROFIMA has contributed in the development of crew and economic progression in Malaysia’s creative industry.

At PROFIMA we believe in continuous learning – skilling and reskilling. We work with various organizations to provide avenues for members to upgrade their skills and performance.

Members are accolade in the prestige PROFIMA AWARDS, where crew that work behind the scene are being rewarded according to their job performance at PROFIMA AWARDS NIGHT.

Presidents of PROFIMA


Kapten Ab Shukor bin Ab Kadir (B)


Encik Jamal Maarif


Kapten Ab Shukor bin Ab Kadir (B)


Encik Syed Mohamed Benyahya


Kapten Mohammad Khair bin Mohd Noor (K)